Woke up one morning, came to school to hear my name was all over Facebook, and that i had been saying shit about one particular person… by a girl I have been acquaintances with for 3 years.. They were saying that I was talking shit about them and I guess others just decided to join in… Obviously during a time when I had exams and a huge medical issue I wouldn’t be giving a shit about this person or anyone else. So I replied to the girl who told me and said without any sign of vulnerability or concern “So what your really saying is that a heap of people are talking shit about me”. Her face dropped as the pure shock from me not giving a shit, slapped her in the face. She just got up and walked away. Sometimes its better to say nothing but in this case I was able to let what she had told me hurt her more because when someone says something like that they just want a reaction and I gave it back to her. 

Bullying is really a small part of who we are. Our families maybe shit and our school and relationships may be terrible. But one day we can all run away from that, 12 years is all it takes to finally be rid of immature fuckwits and people who feel the need to make you feel pain just because their life will always be shit.  

Funny haha

Funny haha

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When someone is lecturing you:


and you’re just like:

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